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Mediation or Arbitration
Why Arbitrate?
arbitrator - a person chosen to decide a dispute, a person with full power to judge and decide.

Why Mediate?
mediator - a neutral and impartial facilitator with no decision making power who assists parties in negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement.
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Arbitration is not used as frequently as Mediation but should still be considered by parties even where the differences prove to be irreconcilable.

The Arbitration process provides a surrogate form of court procedure which through the management of the appointed Arbitrator is a more effective way of dealing with the issues between the parties.

The decision of the Arbitrator will be binding and enforceable. It also provides the parties with confidentiality in respect of the evidence that is given and the formal rules of court procedure need not apply.

The Arbitration process can be tailored to meet the parties requirements in terms of venue, time of hearing and length of hearing.
Hearings can take place at weekends and outside the normal court hours, to try and minimise disruption to ongoing businesses and project requirements.

In terms of the cost the Arbitration also has the advantage that ongoing court costs are not incurred. There is no ‘issue fee’ ‘application fee’ etc. These savings in themselves will either meet or go a long way to meeting the fees of the Arbitrator.

There is also the possibility in appropriate cases for the Arbitrator to deal with the matter on the basis of written submissions from the parties for example in determining the enforceability of contract terms. This is an extremely cost effective use of Arbitration and can be done for as little as
£300 plus VAT.


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