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Mediation or Arbitration
Why Arbitrate?
arbitrator - a person chosen to decide a dispute, a person with full power to judge and decide.

Why Mediate?
mediator - a neutral and impartial facilitator with no decision making power who assists parties in negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement.
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Most types of civil dispute are suitable for mediation.

Issues and conflicts that arise between parties are rarely clear cut and often result from breakdowns in communication and misunderstanding.

The active involvement of an accredited mediator can help parties to regain their perspective and take positive steps to resolving what appear to be the most problematic disputes.

The costs of using mediation are a strong incentive for parties to embark on dispute resolution.

Whether mediation is used at the outset or in the advanced stages of litigation it is a more cost effective forum for resolving dispute than the uncertain and lengthy court process.

The parties also have the advantage of conducting their negotiations in private and on a without prejudice basis.

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